Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Product Name

heyhoo :) happy day everyone

Today I would like to share about my Products' name under Lemon Label. At the first time, "Lemon" was born with home and decorations Concept. well, now the concept is enlarge by itself hahahahahaha :p

In the term of that concept, "All A Board" and "Pillow Mallow" are coming to town.

All A Board means You can say or put anything in a Board, in this case is that cutting board that transform to a beautiful wall hanging board. Well this name also a play on from some phrase.

Pillow Mallow also a play on word from MARSHMALLOW, hihihihihi, because my pillow is as soft as marshmallow

In the middle of production, I decided to make "Ouch Pouch", "Lolly Pouch", "I'm BAGgin You", "Dolly Pop".

Ouch Pouch is my product name for my handmade pouch, that usually have a cute embroidery figure or name on it

Lolly Pouch is my product name for my "transform" pouch from other REAL things, such as; Ipod, Game Boy, and other coming soon projects.

I'm BAGgin You is my product name for my simple tote bag, well I dont have any reason for this name, it Just come out from my mind

Dolly Pop is my product name for Plushies and dolls :)

and there're will be many more unique names for my next products :) stay tune folks :)

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